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08 October 2019 | by Cathy Insall | Communications & Content Manager

Here at Somerset Skills & Learning (SS&L) we have a great choice of free* courses, running over the next few months, that will give you everything you need to help get that job you really want!

On our courses you will learn how to: 

  • find that job of your dreams 
  • write a CV that will get you noticed 
  • take the fear out of interviews 

Interview Skills will help you get interview ready and be fully prepared to showcase the best you! 

Get That Job will help you identify career opportunities by looking at your skills, experience and qualities a particular job requires. 

Make Your Experience Count will help you recognise your own qualities, skills, interests and achievements, as well as your personal strengths and identify areas for self-improvement. You will learn how to set personal goals and plan to achieve them. 

Our courses are fun and engaging, which helps make job hunting far less daunting. 

Come to SS&L and learn the skills that will help give you the confidence to feel good in the workplace, make the most of what you’ve got and showcase your talents. Getting the job you really want takes more than luck, and our employability courses could make all the difference. 

And if you have any questions, please call our friendly Customer Advice Team on 0330 332 7997 or enrol online via the links in this article.

Good luck in your job search from everyone at SS&L!

*Subject to eligibility - see course details.

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