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15 August 2018 | by Vera Ixer | Head of Marketing & Communication

The Flex2Learn project's aim is to help support people working in caring roles - for adults or children - to gain qualifications and help them upskill. The main priority is to ensure you have access to learning outside your normal work hours and to fit around family and other commitments - which can be obstacles to further education and achieving your goals.


The courses being offered as part of this pilot project are open to those who want to work in the care sector, or are already employed in the sector, who could benefit from additional skills and qualifications.

Somerset Skills & Learning is offering free courses in the following under the Flex2Learn project:

We aim to offer the below methods of flexible course delivery:

  • 100% Classroom, but at different times to fit around shift work or caring responsibilities (option for employers only)
  • 75% Online study with webchats and some workshops
  • 100% Distance/online learning
  • 75% Classroom study with some online activities and webchat.

For more information about the project and how you can benefit, ask about Flex2Learn by calling 0330 332 7997 or contact us and ask for the Flex2 Learn Project Officer, Ben Stark.

(ECDL = European Computer Driving Licence)

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