Meet Sophie, whose most annoying habit is very sweet!

Meet Sophie, whose most annoying habit is very sweet! image
14 November 2019 | by Cathy Insall | Communications & Content Manager

On which course(s) are you a tutor?  Childcare Apprenticeships Level 2 and 3.

Why did you become a tutor? I have 22 years experience in childcare, and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. I love teaching others and seeing people gain knowledge and skills.

What do you think is the most interesting aspect of the course(s) you deliver? I enjoy going into all the different childcare settings and observing students. Its nice seeing how different settings work and operate.

What experiences of your own do you bring to the course(s)? Before joining SS&L, I went back into a pre-school as a manager for 2 years. This helped me to update my skills and knowledge of the sector. During teaching sessions, I am always sharing my past experiences with students and I think it helps them because I have experienced what they are experiencing.

What do you love about working for Somerset Skills and Learning? I love the support I get from the childcare team. The company is empathetic and supportive towards staff with families, which helps with work life balance.

What advice would you give to anyone considering your course(s)? I started off as an apprentice years ago, and feel like it’s a really important stepping stone in a childcare career. You get a good balance of knowledge from our teaching sessions and practical skills within a childcare setting. Teaching sessions are fun because you not only gain knowledge from the tutor, but also get to talk to other apprentices in different settings, and build relationships.

If you were stuck in a lift with someone, who would it be and why? My 12 year old son Charlie. I can talk to him for ages and we both have the same silly sense of humour so he would keep me occupied!

What is your most annoying habit? I eat too many sweets!

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