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Learn about Apprenticeships and why so many people are choosing them over University or other further education.

What is an Apprenticeship?

In a nutshell, an Apprenticeship is a paid work experience and education programme providing you with the quaifications and experience you need to start your career.

Apprentices can earn over £100,000 more in a lifetime than their untrained peer group - and that begins with the average wage of around £150 - £170pw* you earn while you are training.

(*dependent on hours and employer)


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You can get qualifed and on the job experience to work in schools and nurseries, in a business administration or customer service role, in health and social care and, through our partners, Accountancy Learning and L&F Training, can become an accountant or start a career in hair and beauty. 

Applicant Requirements

Anyone aged over 16 into their 60s and beyond can do an Apprenticeship!

If you're starting out you can find a new Apprenticeship job or you can do an Apprenticeship with your existing employer if you're already working. As an example, if you're working in a care home, but aren't qualified, you can ask your employer to put you on an Apprenticeship programme so you are properly trained in social care. You continue working but also attend classes to gain theoretical knowledge and your qualification.

If you already hold a qualification or degree then you can only do Apprenticeship training in an unrelated field. (For instance, if you're a qualified accountant you can't do an accountancy Apprenticeship but you can retrain in childcare as an apprentice.)

You've also got to have lived in the UK/EEA for at least 3 years and currently live in England to be eligible for Apprenticeship training.


Apprenticeships are free which is why they're a great alternative to University or other further education. You won't have any student loans to pay back but you will have a nationally recognised qualification and incredibly useful work experience under your belt which will look great on your CV!


Because you're getting your qualification and education for free, the minimum Apprenticeship wage is not as high as the national minimum wage. The current minimum Apprenticeship wage is £3.90 per hour but some companies will pay more than that - especially if you're already working for them.

If you're offered an Apprenticeship job and have concerns about the wage, then make sure you speak with your SS&L Account Manager to discuss your options.

You also benefit from the NUS Apprenticeship Card which entitles you to lots of discounts at your favourite shops and restaurants. Don't forget to apply for it once you're signed up to an Apprenticeship.

Next Steps

The length of Apprenticeship programmes varies but is usually a minimum of 12 months. You'll be made fully aware of the expected length of your apprenticeship before you sign up.

The great thing about Apprenticeships is that you can always keep progressing and learning!

Apprenticeships are delivered at different levels and once you have achieved each level you can move onwards to the next level if you wish. Apprenticeships can go all the way up to degree level (Level 7).

If you want to do a higher qualification you may find your employer is happy to keep you on and support you - or you can find a new employer who is willing to help you achieve the next level up. You should always speak to your SS&L Tutor or Account Manager about your next steps so they can support you on your learning journey.

Finding an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly popular for businesses and individuals. You'll find vacancies advertised on online job boards. We advertise all our current vacancies on this website as well as on our social media feeds.

Let's Recap The Benefits of Apprenticeships

So, do you need a quick reminder about why Apprenticeships are great?

  • A job with training
  • No student loan to repay
  • Free training and qualifications
  • Paid work experience
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Progression to higher qualifications
  • Open to anyone aged over 16 years
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