SS&L's Community Learning Partnership programme aims to maximise access to community learning across Somerset. We support activities and projects that:

  • Engage people who are disadvantaged and least likely to participate in learning, including individuals from deprived wards and disadvantaged groups
  • Widen participation and transform people's destinies by supporting progression relevant to their personal circumstance
  • Develop stronger communities, with more self-sufficient, connected and pro-active citizens

Examples of this may include:

  • Improve individual's confidence and willingness to engage in learning
  • Encourage the acquisition of skills preparing people for training, employment or self-employment
  • Improve digital inclusion, financial literacy and/or communication skills
  • Improve individual health and/or social well being

We believe developing stronger communities, with more self-sufficient, connected and pro-active citizens, leads to:

  • Increased volunteering, civic engagement and social integration
  • Reduced costs on welfare, health and anti-social behaviour
  • Increased online learning and self-organised learning
  • The lives of our most troubled families being turned around
  • Bringing people together from all backgrounds, cultures and income groups

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