Do you need help paying for a qualification?

Even though many people qualify for FREE study on our qualification courses, when a fee is payable we can help you find financial support to help you study and reach your goals.

Depending on your circumstances you may be entitled to a range of financial support, including travel and childcare.

For instance, if you're aged 19+, are on a low income and starting a Government Funded Entry Level to Level 3 Course* you may be eligible for:

  • Travel costs to and from your course
  • Text books and course materials
  • Fee contributions
  • Childcare cost contributions if you're over 20 and free childcare if you're under 20 

(* excluding Apprenticeships)

16 to 19 Bursaries

If you're in or entering full time education and are aged between 16 and 19 years, you may be eligible for a Bursary Fund. This is available to those on benefits; those in or just left local authority care, or for those with a disability.

Study Loans

Are you over 18?

Are you already qualified at an advanced level (eg A Levels) but want to train in something else at Level 3?

Do you want to attend a course at an approved education or training provider like SS&L?

A Student Loan or Advanced Learner Loan is a government backed loan to help people achieve higher level qualifications in certain subjects at approved establishments like SS&L. Similar to University loans, you only need to repay the loan if you're working and earning over £25,000 per year.

There are various eligibility rules but you can receive a loan to meet the costs of one or several courses at the same level.

To make enquiries about a loan you need to know what qualification course you want to do with us. Each circumstance is different, so it's best to speak with someone at SS&L to discuss the course you want to do and to find out if you're eligible for a loan.

Please note, we can only assist you with a loan if you want to attend one of our own qualification courses - we cannot assist you if you are with another training provider.

Care to Learn

Care to Learn is an initiative to help young parents with childcare costs if they want to study to gain a qualification. If you're under 20 with a child and want to return to study then this assistance may help you to get childcare cover for the times you are in classes.

Find Out More

Discovering and getting financial support to achieve your qualification can be confusing so we encourage you to contact us as soon as you know which course or courses you are interested in. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss your options.

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