How We Can Help You

Why Partner With SS&L?

SS&L are one of the longest running and most respected Apprenticeship providers in Somerset and we boast some of the best success rates too!

Unlike other companies and Colleges, we work with you from the minute you decide to recruit an Apprentice - we find, interview and shortlist potential candidates for you and we then partner with you to ensure that Apprentice achieves their qualification, ensuring a return on your investment.

We're also specialists, working in the four areas of Childcare, Business Administration, Health & Social Care and Support Teaching. Because we focus on those areas, we are experts in them and that's why we boast such high success rates with our Apprentices - and why they can make a positive impact in your business from almost day one.

If you want to transfer your existing staff onto an Apprenticeship programme - we can help with that too -  we do the initial assessments and groundwork for you to make that transition as simple as possible.

SS&L manage all the paperwork, establish with you when you will need to release your Apprentice for their education days each month, and then provide their education, assessments and qualifications as well as their regular reviews. And we're there to provide you with advice and feedback every step of the way.

We have a helfpul and knowledgeable Account Management team who are happy to answer any of your questions and will be pleased to meet with you to discuss your options.

It couldn't be simpler! We're here to make Apprenticeships easy for you.

Contact us now and an Area Account Manager will be happy to discuss your requirements and options with you.

Other Ways We Can Help

SS&L offer a wide range of courses to help your business. Not only can we deliver in-house training in business skills or IT but we can also tailor courses to suit your staff needs. These can be delivered at your premises or ours.

Contact us now and an Area Account Manager will be happy to put together the perfect package for your business.