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Exciting Times

Leaving school and moving onto the next stage of your education is exciting - and perhaps a little daunting!

You'll have lots of choices to make about your next steps - do you want to do A-Levels? Perhaps you're more interested in Vocational Qualifications? Maybe an Apprenticeship is grabbing your interest? Or, are you not quite ready to move into the world of work or Apprenticeships in which case a Traineeship could be the answer.

Our helpful team are on hand to answer your questions and if you just want a general chat about your options then contact us or give us a call on 0330 332 7997.


You can read all about our Apprenticeships or Traineeships and see what vacancies we have that you can apply for right now. Apprenticeships are a great way of getting your qualification for free, earning a wage while you work and gaining amazing work experience.

We offer a range of Apprenticeships in Childcare, Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools, Social Care Customer Service, Team Leading and Business Administration. We also work closely with partners who offer Accountancy and Hairdressing & Barbering Apprenticeships.

An Apprenticeship is a great way to earn, learn and get ahead in your career. If you feel you're not quite ready to take the Apprenticeship step then you can do a pre-Apprenticeship programme first.

Vocational Qualifications

Perhaps you already know what you want to do as a career? We've got class room based Qualifications if you're interested in working in Childcare, as a Teaching Assistant, in Computing & Digital or Social Care.

Skills for Young People, 16-18

We have a one day programme if you're 16 – 18 and currently not in Education, Employment or Training that will help improve your skills and qualifications in Maths and English, provide career planning information, deliver assessments to help you understand your gaps in learning, and enhance your employability skills.

Request more information about the Skills for Young People programme here. You can also download the flyer to read more.

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GCSEs a Bit Disappointing?

You can re-take your English Language or Maths GCSEs with us if you didn't achieve them the first time around. Our friendly, helpful Tutors will help you get the grades you need to succeed.

If you want more information or advice then visit our Information, Advice & Guidance section or contact the Customer Advice Team.

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